A Floral Note

by True Love

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Recorded by Chris Trestain in the Spring of 2013.


released April 11, 2013



all rights reserved


True Love Detroit, Michigan

True Love is:

Alexander - Guitar
Brad - Guitar
Derrick - Drums
Dominic - Vocals
Joe - Bass

REACT! Records

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Track Name: Midnight People
so "happy in a haze of a drunken hour"
long for the saddest song to keep you sour

midnight people, midnight cars
midnight streets, midnight bars

smeared with tears drinking with cynics for friends
a night out's not a night out if the night out never ends

prick a finger, left to linger
feeling the years, dulling your fears

a lover's love has you bored to bust
sweet smelling sheets and a long for lust

fleeting heart, arrows shot to burst the suns
sober eyes are the truest ones
Track Name: Out In The Streets Pt. I
deja vous
a youth without crew
a 12-bar view
thinking of you
two eyes too fuckin' blue

swing and miss
two true lovers kiss
fights and fits
just cause to bash my bones to bits

run your fingers up the side of my head
feel the swell from your lover's lead
run your fingers down the length of my wrist
i'll kill to keep the smell of your kiss

use my spine
cross every line
our stars align
a heart confined
smash the lock, make it mine
one minute to flee, one minute left to find

lover's time has come to pass
the only lonely grain of sand has turned to glass
left shattered now to cut and slash
at a throat; a floral note

kiss my face
breathe to me your saving grace
one last embrace

i'll put a gun to the side of my head,
made a vow that if love was dead
i'd run a razor down the length of my wrist,
bled to feel, our love is real, it's one thing that exists

push comes to shove
hand in glove
you're who i dream of
safe in heaven above

long live our true love

a tender body broken and beat
a bleeding heart left out in the street
Track Name: American Tears
please keep me in mind
our legs entwined;
suicide notes signed "hard to hide"

i hate your dissembling nature; a caricature

you come and you go;
and you leave me alone

impassioned kiss
your secret bliss

why did you love me?
was it just to leave me?

a moth that's crushed;
a cry gets hushed

can't leave my bed
i feel so dead

please keep me in mind
Track Name: Chained Melody
those words i wrote, they sicken me now
i want to bleed something sweeter, but i don't know how

smell my heart beneath the gauze
i love you because
i can't forget the "way we was"

i can't help but feel offended
by the boys that you've befriended
sick of the humiliation
lived as an afterthought, a compilication

believe me when i say you made me, you saved me
i don't know what i did to make you hate me
it's misty clear that you never forgave me

searching for things that just aren't in me
secret letters to secret lovers that'll never be
dragged our fingers on a breath stained glass
blew a kiss to dearies passed

obsessed and depressed
undressed and repressed
the only things that stay the same:
our youth, our truth, our love, our flame

send me your smell to my house in hell
a drop of your love, a wish to be well

your spit is my spit
kept my wrists slit
then: sad but true
now: keeping me blue

know who you love at every age
forgotten regrets on a salt water page

hard to hide, harder to care
dry an eye with a handful of hair
lost my love on a slippery slope
your perfume pressed on an envelope